Thank you for showing your interest in becoming a Dealer for Amana Agro Chemicals Limited.

The appointment of a Dealer may be made subject to the following conditions for conducting business in a dynamic and systematic manner.

Terms and Conditions for the appointment of dealer:

  • Complete the application form provided by the company.
  • Photocopy of Shop house rental agreement.
  • Photocopy of trade license.
  • Photocopy of pesticide license.
  • Photograph of a sponsor and voter ID card.
  • Two copy passport size photograph. (Dealer + Nominee).
  • Photocopy of voter ID card. (Dealer + Nominee).
  • Signed Bank Check (M.I.C.R) and Bank Statement.
  • Agreement at a stamp of three hundred Taka .

  Download the application form.

For further query, leave a message