Farmer Training and Development

In Amana Agro, Farmer training and development covers a wide range of topics including inspecting crops, identifying beneficial insects , wearing personal protection equipment, and determining when and when not spray, correct spraying techniques and the secure storage of crop protection products etc.

We have been adopted the following methods to train the farmers:
1. We provide instruction the group of farmers in a class room style setting.
2. We provide practical, hands on demonstrations in the field.
3. We encouraged farmers to pass on what they have learned to other farmers in their locality in verbally.

Technical Services

We not only have the quality products, but also provide quality services to the farmers throughout the country of our products.
We have a team of professionally trained and qualified technical personnel who are readily available to offer agro technical support to customers on best practices regarding efficient use of our products.
Please contact us today to know how we can improve your plantations and agri operations.