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According to the current market and demand of agricultural major Bangladesh, agricultural production has been modernized and production has increased. Amana agro have marketing quality products considering the needs and financial condition of the people of the country. Which is play an important role to a large extent in solving the problem of poverty, unemployment and can significantly contribute to the overall development of the economy by raising food growers income and reduce post harvest losses.

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Our Mission

Educating farmers through substantial training to properly use of amana agro chemical products to increase their productivity for growing better crops, leading to improved family livelihoods.

Our Vision

The overall economic development of the country depends on the improvement of the farmers and the agriculture. Amana Agro offers products for the entire agricultural chain, from farmers to agribusiness. Thousands of farmers use our products to maximize their productivity every day and we wish to be the market leader in Agro-processing industry in Bangladesh in terms of premium quality products and services.